breakfast tacos!


Y’all,  the HungryTexans have taken our talents off the interwebs and into the District Flea (brought to you by the kind folks at Brooklyn Flea and gracing DC until November 16, 2013).

As hungry Texans, we are huge proponents of the breakfast taco- eggs, cheese, savory meats and veggies, all rolled up into a perfectly fluffy flour tortilla.  The breakfast tacos at Chacho’s in Houston have capped many nights out (as well as nursed our headaches the morning after).  But when we find ourselves reaching hungrily for a breakfast taco in DC, we come up empty-handed.  So what better to bring to the denizens of our great district than homemade Breakfast Tacos?!

photo (1)

We’re at District Flea on the following weekends.  Please stop by!

October 21st
October 28th
October 5th
October 26th
November 9th
November 16th

District Flea is located at 945 Florida Ave NW:

district flea map


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