chicken mole tacos

The long story of this recipe is that it was really an attempt to recreate the most amazing chicken tacos from a little place in Houston called 100% Taquito.  I know, I know, the name is bad.  The name actually kept me from trying it out for many years.  But once I had their chicken mole tacos, I was 100% converted.  Making these tacos cured my tastebuds’ homesickness, if only for the day.  Which is a great thing. The short story is that they’re delicious, and you should make them.

you’ll need:

1 roasted (or poached) chicken
3 tbs mole paste
2 tbs vegetable oil
1 cup chicken stock
2 cups monterrey jack cheese
Flour tortillas (buy these fresh or make your own!)

to garnish:
cilantro, lime, sliced radish, avocado, pico de gallo, etc etc.

What you’ll do:
I started with a two-pound roasted chicken from whole foods.  I think that next time I make these tacos, I’ll roast my own chicken, rubbed in mole paste.  But this time, I was hungry and feeling crummy, so I skipped that step.  I pulled the entire chicken from the bone using two forks.

I bought a homemade mole sauce from a mexican market on 11th street- it conveniently came with zero instructions and it resembled more of a paste than a sauce, so I improvised!  In a saucepan, I heated two tablespoons of vegetable oil and started adding the mole paste/sauce (three tbs in all).  I added about 1 cup of chicken stock (if you poached your chicken, the stock would come in handy here) and watched in awe as the sauce came together.   Once the sauce was reconstituted and tasted y-u-m, i added the shredded chicken.  Easy! To assemble, heat up two flour tortillas, layer a scoop of chicken on top of a small mountain of jack cheese, and let the whole thing melt together in a pan.  I garnish with lots of lime, radish, cilantro, and avocado.   The end.   Love, Hungry Texans


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