valentine’s day rice krispies

photo (73)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hungry Texans-verse! If you’re looking for a quick treat to shower upon your loved ones today whip up a batch of fruit-filled rice krispies!

Five simple ingredients and voila!

2 sticks of butter
2 bags of mini marshmellows
1 12 oz box of rice krispies
1 bag of craisins
1 cup chopped apricots

The two tricks to this recipe are opting for the stove over the microwave & adding in some chopped fruit to add a little flavor “pop” to the puffed rice “snap” and “crackle”. Brown your butter on the stove. Stir and melt marshmellows into your browned butter. Add rice krispies & dried fruit. Spread your mixture onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Let cool 20-25 minutes and then use cookie cutters to cut into your desired shapes.

Childhood nostalgia with fruity pizazz!

Hope your Valentine’s Day snaps, crackles, and pops!




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