Favorite Things: Dominican Republic Edition

1. A chilly election night in DC calls for some Election Night Chili.  We gathered around CNN with hot bowls of meatless goodness to watch the results.  The results?  Chili for president, Nachos for VP.

2. Our bought-on-a-whim LivingSocial Escape to Punta Cana was the perfect weekend respite from plunging temperatures and a Sandy aftermath in the District.  It also quickly turned into a couples retreat.  #LightMyFire

3. Praise the Mostachioed Gods for Movember.

4. Essential reading materials for a Dominican beach.  Cook’s Illustrated definitely made it into the beach totes of these Tejanos.

5. Tastebud Highlights of the Week: Fresh Coconut, Pineapple & Bananas, Sancocho (look for a blog post soon!), and the illustrious Coco Loco- a perfect blend of white rum, creme de coco & nutmeg.

6. The views in Punta Cana are unrivaled- ok perhaps rivaled only by our fave entry in the DC High Heel Race this year: The View.  There was no lip syncing for their lives- these ladies were perfect!


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