favorite things: thanksgiving edition

1. While one Hungry Texan made the pilgrimage back to Houston this Thanksgiving, the other ventured to the Big Apple, where MakerBot is revolutionizing the way we think about…all of the things.  The 3-D printer made this bracelet before our eyes and is currently producing a 3-D bust of my face!  Best Christmas presents ever?

2. Best Fried Pickles + Belly Laughs = The Perfect Friday night.  We hopped over to our neighborhood Wonderland Ballroom on Friday for Don’t Block the Box, a hilarious stand up show.  This one took us back to those Boy in the Bubble days in College- it’s a must see!

3. I ate a Tal Bagel every morning for 5 days in NYC.  Don’t judge me.  They are that good.

4. This is the real-life herb section at Central Market, the H-E-B owned grocery store that has taken over Texas and will forever be these Hungry Texans’ model for grocery excellence.  Can we get one in DC, pretty please?

5. Only in Texas can a Santa-Suit wearing, pirate pants donning, booted cowgirl steal the show at The Nutcracker.

6. What’s better than a can of Texas-brewed Lone Star?  A camouflaged tall boy, of course.

Only 365 days until Thanksgiving.  But who’s counting?


Hungry Texans


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